“HR is on its way to becoming the most critical branding skill of the 21st century, and the more experiential brands become, the truer this will be.”


If a company believes that people are its greatest resource, HR is a company’s human resource multiplier.

It is at the fastest growing phase of its evolution. A lot has changed in the last few years. Technology and the Internet have transformed the business and HR. The HR function is no longer the sidekick of an organisation. Rather, it’s the most important strategic partner —an ace in the hole.

The changing dynamics have given enough reasons for HR to own a medium, and enjoy a dedicated audience.

HRKatha is this medium — a place where every HR practitioner can visit, discuss, opine and share her/his knowledge and experience.

We strongly believe that Human Resource Management is no longer the concern of just one department; its touch is felt across sectors, levels and functions.

This is why, when we conceived HRKatha, the first thing we wanted to do was demystify HRM to the extent that it cuts across functions.

Our endeavour is to bring together the best practices, culture, tools, training and development methods that are being initiated, and adapted by the Indian corporates.

HRKatha offers deep analyses, enterprise reporting, interesting photos and videos, and the works of senior industry professionals in business, every day.
It has emerged as the staple source of information for the entire HR fraternity with the core objective of propagating the importance of HRM in organisations.

With a progressive design, it is accessible through all multimedia screens at your convenience.

HRKatha is founded by a group of journalists under the guidance of Prajjal Saha and some senior professionals whose knowledgeable views and opinions are of great substance.

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