Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Thursday, 07 December 2017

A social office allows different people to interact and collaborate bringing them out of their silos and work boxes, thus enhancing team productivity.

Why it makes business sense to hire people with disabilities

Management lessons from Justice League

Five roles that HR can be equated to

Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Jonathan Vehar, global VP-products, Dale Carnegie & Associates was in town. Vehar has worked with organisations to develop leadership and innovation solutions necessary for growth. He is considered to be an innovation thought leader. In an exclusive interview with Lipi Agrawal of HRKatha, he, along with his colleague Pallavi Jha, chairperson & managing director - ‎Dale Carnegie Training India, share the future of training and the role technology will play in making training a measurable exercise. Excerpts…

“HR needs to take risks, bets, right calls & be accountable,” Rattan Chugh, CPO, Times Internet

Technology-based hiring is for repetitive jobs; human judgement is must for quality hiring

L&D ready for big disruption: Guillermo Miranda, global CLO, IBM

HRK News Bureau | Bengaluru | Tuesday, 05 December 2017

Pandey will join the HR leadership team at L&T Finance Holdings in the third week of December and will report to Sunil Prabhune, chief executive - rural finance & CHRO.

Servion Group appoints David Raj as CHRO

Pragya Kumar appointed chief people officer of GirnarSoft

Sonali Ramaiah to lead Treebo Hotels as head of people

Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Thursday, 23 November 2017

Unlike most existing application tracking systems Freshteam will archive profiles associated with specific job roles.

EY develops digital HR tool to manage gig workers

Top 10 HR products of 2017

Improved HCM Cloud to bring major HR functions on one platform

Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Friday, 24 November 2017

The employees of CARS24 can seek assistance for any kind of issues, personal, emotional or official at any point of the day.

Celebrate the return of mother employee

What’s the VoI in Cognizant’s wellness plan?

Why Canon’s Gurugram office plays music at 3 pm

PH Singh | Delhi | Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How the rules and practices in IR change with the individual or the manager.

Compensation & Benefits: Startup Viewpoint

IR: Fundamentals and aberrations

Whose culture is it anyway?

Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Friday, 08 December 2017

Line managers are in key positions with a hold on both business and people. That said, how managers behave, particularly with their teams, can have a huge impact on team morale and overall performance. At times, managers may impose their own insecurities, incompetencies or for that matter, their obsession with how work should be done, on others. In doing so, they may behave in ways that could hurt others and consequently affect organisational effectiveness. Is there a way organisations can keep a check on such subjective yet day-to-day issues?

Does an open office always translate into an open culture?

Can my boss change my role at any time?

Should an employee accept a counter-offer post resignation?

Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Friday, 07 July 2017

The journey started almost four decades back when Dilpreet Singh or DP Singh, as he is known to all, was graduating and preparing for the central services examination. It was then that he came across an article in a US publication, about how CHROs grow up to become CEOs in the future. Inspired, he decided to make a career in HR.

Profile: Rajendra Mehta: Creating smaller impacts for a larger success

Lenovo’s Subhankar RoyChowdhury: The art of staying relevant

Profile: Vivek Kumar: Finding soul in HR

HRK News Bureau | Bengaluru | Thursday, 07 December 2017

There is an increased misalignment between employees and management and that hinders the implementation of key tasks as well as retention of top talent.

Place your talent where there is business

India tops in taking HR as strategic business partner

Employees using social media during work hours to while away time

HRK News Bureau | New Delhi | Wednesday, 01 November 2017

Finding a job in a dismal scenario while holding on to your market value, is a tough task. Here’s what one should keep in mind as the job hunt begins.

eClerx partners with NASSCOM for employability enhancement programme

Capgemini launches Tech Challenge 4.0

AICTE encourages closed private educational institutes to restart again

Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Monday, 22 May 2017

Born and brought up in Czech Republic, the travel enthusiast in Jindra Hachova took her places in Europe and around her homeland, but she yearned to visit India for ten years, until she got to know that Home Credit was looking for a CHRO for their India business.

IR: In between politics and ego

Jean-Michel Cassé: A witness to ‘chaos to confidence’ in India

Expat’s Diary: For Tesco Bengaluru’s HR-head, 'passion' and 'relationship' hold the key to Indian work culture