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Snapchat losing top executives
HRK News Bureau | New Delhi | Monday, 31 July 2017

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The company is finding it hard to retain its senior managers since its recent IPO.

Snapchat’s top executives are making an exit, one-by-one, even as its stock price continues to decline, since its IPO in March.

Top executives, such as former vice president of human resources, Robyn Thomas and vice president of security, Martin Lev, left the company recently. Its general counsel, Chris Handman, was also replaced last week.

Robyn Thomas joined Snapchat in May 2015. Before that, she worked with search engine giant Google, as a senior corporate counsel for about 10 years. Even Martin Lev worked at Google for 12 long years before joining Snapchat in April, 2016.

Chris Handman, entered Snapchat in May, 2014, prior to which he worked as a partner at Hogan Lovells for over 14 years.

It is expected that the position of vice president of human resources will be taken by Kathy Mandato—former human resources vice president of NBC Universal.

The new director of global security will be Francis Racioppi, who used to be a Merrill Lynch wealth adviser.

Similarly, the company’s new general counsel will be Michael O’Sullivan, who worked at Google during its IPO.

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