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Coca Cola’s corporate restructuring plan to create more jobs
HRK News Bureau | New Delhi | Thursday, 30 November 2017

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HCCB intends to maintain a leaner corporate office, while strengthening the sales and supply chain.

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB), the bottling arm of Coca Cola India is going in for a corporate restructure as part of its plans to become a $2.5 billion FMCG firm by 2020. The reorganisation of the business operations is expected to render some of the jobs redundant.

However, the restructuring will create hundreds of new jobs in sales, distribution and supply chain, which the Company plans to fill up from the talent already available in the organisation along with some new hires.

The Company has not been able to utilise its resources and exploit the market potential fully.

HCCB has plans to manufacture and sell a wide range of beverages, including Smartwater Frozen Fruit Desserts and Mixers. It is overhauling the current operating structure and setting up a new division for niche and premium drinks. It plans to hire more people in the finance and human resources departments at the new division.

HCCB CEO, Christina Ruggiero said, “It was clear from our research, conversations and market data, that today we are not structured in a way that allows us to fully leverage our scale and market capabilities.”

The beverage giant currently functions in five zones and plans to operate in seven zones to cater to the needs of the consumer and changing demand in a better way. This will lead to reorganisation of the resources in the corporate centre so as to serve the new setup more efficiently.

The Company is focussed on making a leaner corporate office and strengthening the sales and supply chain in the organisation.

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