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Colourful and engaging Dussehra celebrations at Cipla
Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha | New Delhi | Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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The company witnessed colour-themed Dussehra team activities.

Bringing fun to work and marking the beauty of the festive fervour in a creative way, Cipla generated a different employee engagement high, with its unique Dussehra celebrations on October 10. As part of the celebration, the company witnessed various teams running colour-themed Dussehra team affairs.

The celebration, which was a part of the OneCipla philosophy, had senior leaders, such as Umang Vohra, MD and global CEO; Prabir Jha, global chief people officer and Samina Vaziralli, executive vice chairman, participating actively. The gala looked like one of its kind, as Jha posted interesting pictures and updates on Twitter. “When we celebrate more, we achieve more. Happy to see the passion of #OneCipla becoming a way of Life. #LetsCipla” Jha tweeted.

Cipla, which has been on a major HR transformation drive since Jha joined as its global chief people officer a year ago, experienced the festival in a unique way this time. With active participation by its Management Council, all its Mumbai locations organised team events on the basis of uniquely allotted colours.

Sharing the thought behind the design of the event, Jha said, “The idea was to play imaginatively with the colour, ideate out of the box, create impact with limited resources, team collaboratively and above all, have fun in the spirit of the transformation philosophy of OneCipla!” The colours of Cipla were on full display even as fun was imaginatively combined with a strategic intent of ‘doing more with less’. Revealing the creativity and efforts behind the celebrations, one of the pictures posted by Jha on Twitter showcased a still from an interesting live theatre by the R&D team.

With initiatives like these, Cipla’s HR team is clearly leaving nothing to chance in their endeavour to script a high-engagement workplace.

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