According to the Workforce Analytics Institute, rising wage pressure, lack of skills to leverage technology, ineffective leadership and low engagement levels are making it difficult for firms to deliver productivity gains in Asian countries.

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Friday, 05 August 2016 09:45

The true purpose of HR, lest we forget!

In the rat race to appear technologically advanced, are HR professionals forgetting something that’s vital to their existence?

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 10:04

The ‘cause and effect’ of IR

Just play along with cause & effect, gravity, flow thermodynamics, electromagnetism and time. You will not only feel motivated, but appear motivated. 

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The company will setup treadmills across its offices to motivate its employees and also initiate a social media campaign around the same.

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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 11:15

What motivates employees the most?

Is it incentives, bonuses, or promotions? Can it be the number of leaves and holidays or the goodness of the boss? Is it praise, reward or recognition? Will the fun element at work, the off-sites, team spirit, or competition act as motivating factors? 

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