The new product will facilitate identification, remediation, monitoring and management of risk, as well as segregation of duties and prevention of fraud.

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Here are the most common five areas where HR software solutions lag behind and which can make HR software buyers look elsewhere for their requirements

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Both buyers and designers of technology need to come together to appreciate the true power of technology.

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With workers demanding more flexibility and choice, organisations face a challenge in managing and supporting such a free-spirited and dynamic workforce. 

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The marketplace is shifting from tools that automate traditional HR practices to platforms and apps that make life at work better.

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This tool not only allows people to evaluate work patterns and the time spent on multiple activities during the day, but also suggests effective alterations for improving productivity.

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The SAAS-based online tool can help HR professionals streamline and manage the talent acquisition process.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 10:53

Now an HR Solution for SMEs

HR-One promises to fulfill multiple HR Management functions through a single tool.

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