The Accessibility Programme Office will ensure that everyone within the workforce has equal access to its learning content and technology.

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Kohler organised a 5-day campus residential programme at IIM Bangalore for its key dealers and channel partners.

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The expanded platform advances usability and functionality to enable employees to develop, lead, and achieve.

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These new internal initiatives for interaction and effective learning have made news globally.

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Guillermo Miranda, chief learning officer, IBM is a seasoned executive with 19 years of extensive experience working in multinational environments across Europe, South America, Africa, West Asia and North America. A lawyer and business management graduate, Miranda is on his second stint with IBM with a mandate to reinvent learning and employee enablement for the digital and cognitive economy.

He speaks to HRKatha on how the landscape of learning is changing with the rapid digital disruptions.

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The globally popular game, based on augmented reality, has some important lessons for organisations too.

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Realising the importance of ideas that can come from employees, Accenture India has built a proprietary platform called ‘IdeaHarvester’.

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The team- building activities in a culinary setup allow participants to interact with each other in a non-threatening environment, with one of the most engaging, multi-sensory activities possible.

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A major part of this investment has gone into creating Accenture Connected Learning, a blend of classroom-based training and a digital learning environment to link its employees to professional content and world-class experts.  

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Traditional, copybook HR practices are fast outliving their relevance and some of the HR beliefs and practices need to be shunned this year.

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