Ghaneckar, who was part of the Raymond HR leadership team for over eight years, will now lead the people agenda at the Raheja Universal.

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While most people hesitate to talk about their mental wellbeing, it is crucial for one to sustain both work life and personal life, in general.

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Do unusual titles really make a difference or can they place things out of context, leaving others scouting for details about the role?

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A panel at The Happiness Conclave 2.0 discussed whether technology really helps iron out the inconveniences of employee work-life or is more intrusive. 

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On March 24 in Mumbai, 25 happy companies will share their secret to making employees truly happy.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016 08:58

Robots to replace thousands of jobs at Raymond

About 10 per cent of the staff at each of the factories will lose their jobs to automation.

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