With the inauguration of its first studio in Bengaluru, yet another US-based company reveals its plans to recruit 500 software engineers.

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The new cohesive applicant tracking service will get rid of the manual applicant tracking system.

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The platform is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence, which integrates seamlessly with a company’s applicant tracking system.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 09:02

SBI to recruit only those with Aadhaar

The bank has proposed to introduce verification of the identity of candidates through Aadhaar.

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Applications for the 554 posts of management executives (SME) are open till May18.

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The expanded platform advances usability and functionality to enable employees to develop, lead, and achieve.

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The company has already hired Raghuram Trikutam, as the head of engineering, mobile payments and Ruchika Sharma, as head of human resources.


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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 11:26

BSNL to recruit 2,510 engineers pan India

March 6 onwards BSNL has started accepting online applications through its external exam website. 

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The bank will be the first in Southeast Asia to recruit successful candidates through a hackathon.


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Recruitment and talent acquisition are the two most commonly used terms in HR departments across the globe. However similar they may sound or be perceived as being, there is an underlying difference between the two that many professionals tend to ignore. There exists a thin line between the two that creates a big difference in the way organisations manage talent.

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