The winners were given cash prizes worth INR 2.5 lakh, while the five finalists received merit recognition from Samsung.

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The winning team gets a cash prize of Rs 3 lakh and an opportunity to work with Samsung.

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Samsung Digital Academy has been launched to impart skills in new technologies to students of engineering colleges in Telangana

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The company plans to streamline the existing seven ranks, except for executives, into four, based on employees' career levels.

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The platform gives the country’s brightest minds an opportunity to get a head-start in their careers.

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A civil lawsuit was filed last week, accusing Samsung and LG of agreeing to avoid poaching each other's US employees.

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Organisations are ready to hire new set of recruits – not the millennials or Gen Z – it’s the smart machines and artificial intelligence. The new workplace will see humans and intelligent machines working in tandem.

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