The company plans to expand its talent pool to 500 from a current strength of 200, which is further expected to grow ten times over the next two years.

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According to the HSBC Global Report, 50 per cent of the expected 24 million jobs, to be created in India in the next decade, may come from the e-commerce sector.

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Mobile developers in e-commerce firms enjoy twice the salary and monetary benefits in comparison to their counterparts in the IT services and software companies across the nation.

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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 09:37

Iksula to provide 1,000 jobs at Indore

The e-commerce solutions provider has set up a delivery centre in Indore.

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The study forecasts an overall increase of 14.5 per cent in the hiring intent in 2016, as well.

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Monday, 16 November 2015 09:13

How e-commerce is redefining HR

Though business in e-commerce is driven by technology, the human element continues to play a pivotal role in new-age economies, making the role of HR more dynamic and challenging.

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